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Hook SizeHook GapLength
7/0N/A1.811in | 46mm

    Barbless Beak Hook - 2X Strong

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    Hook SizeHook GapLength
    7/0N/A1.811in | 46mm
  • Classic Point
  • Reversed Point
  • 2X Strong
  • Forged
  • Ringed Eye
  • The 2X Strong Barbless Beak Hook is perfect for natural bait saltwater presentation. The strong hook features perfect penetration and holding capacity. Use it to target Sea Bass, Snapper, reef fish like Tautog and other species in the wrasse family. It is the idea hook for baiting with Pilchards, Crab, Mackerel, Sardines or Squid. The up-turned eye makes it ideal for the Snell knot for a perfect straight presentation of the bait. The hook features a reversed hook point for improved hookset.

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