Pro Endorsers

Owin Hays
Host of Outdoor GPS T.V. Show

“TUF-LINE is the only super line I trust. From bobber and jig fishing for steelhead to oversized sturgeon, there is no other line on my reels, period.”

Richie Gonzalez
FLW Team Mexico, Bass Pro Tactics TV Host, Owner of Angler’s Edge in Monterrey, MX.

“Why I love TUF-LINE in short words, they give me the trust I need when I fight a big bass in heavy cover!”

Charlie Evans
Professional FLW Angler, Former President and CEO of FLW Outdoors, and Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame member.

“If you are having trouble with your braid, you gotta try TUF-LINE! It’ll help you drag the big un’s out of the toughest cover and put ’em in the boat!”