Thumper Barra

My name is Simon Steele and I live with my Family in Mackay, in Australia where my young Son Fraser and I have just started to fish for Barramundi.  Living in Mackay we are very much spoiled with some great wild and impoundment Barramundi opportunities.  I started taking the
kids to the rivers edge in June last year and for Fraser this is where it all started, on his second only cast while I was still tying my lure on he hooked a great Barra that jumped just 6 feet in front of him.  I had to grab him by the belt to keep him on land.  Many Trips to the tackle store later we have all the gear and a second hand boat and Fraser and I get away to either Teemburra or Kinchant dam as often as we can.  I have done as much with him as possible while they are off on school holidays.  On this Monday night after dinner we made our way up to Kinchant dam to try our luck, shortly after arriving and with a big moon rising I caught a nice 70cm Barra and Fraser was right there with the net for me, it was a good sign because as you know some times in the impoundments they just wont bite and nothing you can do seems to work. It was all-quiet for the next hour and we were just talking about moving when he said dad
I ‘m on with real excitement in his voice.  Well, true he was on all right, the first jump the fish made was in the dark out of the reach of our cap lamps but by the splash it made I knew this was not a small one. Fraser fishes with 20lb TUF-LINE XP and 40lb leader so we let the fish take line and boy did it take some, the next jump was nearer the boat and we both got a look at the massive fish at this point, it had taken his Killer Lure Barra bait front on and there was no sign of it, it was very well hooked.  The big fish had us from front to back of the boat twice and gave the poor little bloke the workout of a lifetime in the process, Fraser is 37kg the fish ended up
weighing 35.5kg so it was very nearly a pound for pound battle. I didn’t touch his rod right through out the 20-30 minutes it took to fight the fish, he ran the drag as he wished and really showed what he had learned. As a father watching all this by his side will be a moment in time I will just never ever forget, I just kept praying that his little rod didn’t break because it had some ridiculous curl on it at times, our gear isn’t expensive and I didn’t know if it would hold up to
such a beating.  Long story short, we got the net under her and into the boat where we both just stood looking and smiling, he gave me a huge hug and said thanks for the help with
the net, he was shaking like a leaf. We measured it at 1.24m long, his dream and constant waking hope of one day catching a metre long Barramundi had come true and the smile in the photos says it all, its Friday now as I write and he is still on high revs.  Just before he went to
bed tonight I told him I would write to you and show you his fish, he said what do you think they will say dad? He is very excited to think that you would look at it; he said tell them about the leader and how close we were to not landing it.  When we got the lure out and had

A look at the leader it was hanging by a proverbial thread, one more good shake and it would have been all over, some things are just meant to be.

We both just wanted to say thank you for making such a dependable braided line, I have no doubt that a fish this size would have turned any other brand inside out, the monofilament leader only just made it through the battle but the line performed perfectly and a 10 year old boy landed a fish that many only dream about.

Our sincere thanks and all the best for

Simon and Fraser Steele

  • Posted by: Fraser Steele
  • Location: Mackay, Australia