State record False Albacore

I’ve attached a picture of a false albacore that was recently
certified as the New York State Record for the species at 16.4
pounds. I landed the fish on 20-pound TUF-LINE XP. Casting for
these fish is very demanding on the line because the technique
is to cast as far as you can, then reel very fast to skip the 1-
ounce tin across the surface of the water. This means that there
isn’t constant pressure on the line. We also make a ridiculous
number of casts while doing this because of the fast retrieve.
I’ve had line knot problems with other braids that I tried
before trying the TUF-LINE XP. No problems with the XP…and it also
outcasts the other braids. This coming season, I’m going
to replace the 30-pound braid I use for striper
fishing with TUF-LINE XP.

John Skinner
Surf Editor
Nor’east Saltwater Magazine

  • Posted by: John Skinner
  • Location: New York