I bought Tuf Line XP 10lb line because it was yellow, inexpensive and it looked cool.  I figured I’d use it a few times and respool it with a “namebrand” line.  This stuff is the best value in fishing line today.

I was fishing near Park Rapids, Minnesota when I got snagged in the reed line.  I doubled back to unsnag it.  “What the heck,” I thought and just yanked it figuring the line would snap.  It tore the reed out of its bed.  I reeled in my white grub with a leech and got a hit then another and BAM it went so I set the hook.  This walleye pulled, jerked and jumped out of the water.  I horsed it in without any doubts.  I did not expect anything to hit my line after pulling a reed out of its bed let alone a 24″, 5 pound Walleye.

2 Weeks later I was snagged again only this time in Red Rock Lake near Pella, Iowa.  It was not coming, not coming and so, again, I forced it and it came up.  It was an 8 foot tall tree branch.  It bent the jig head hook and tested the rod but the Tuf Line XP did not flinch.  5 minutes later I hooked into an 8 pound Channel Cat.  Tuf Line XP allowed me to keep the heat on him until I got him to the boat.

This is my new line and I am telling my 6 buddies I am going fishing with this September.  You got me hooked – okay that was cheesey but Tuf Line XP is not.  I am impressed – and it’s cool looking too.

– Jason Larson
Pella, Iowa

  • Posted by: Pastor Jason Larson
  • Location: Park Rapids, MN