Phenomenal Braided Line!

I love fishing large swimbaits and topwaters for trophy smallmouth and northern strain largemouth, as well as frogging and punching the thickest cover I can find.  Braid (with and without a leader) is the only line I would consider for these heavy-duty applications.  I have fished many of the braided lines on the market at one time or another.  While some of these lines would get the job done, I have never had a braided line truly impress me until now.

The TUF-LINE XP casts a mile, handles beautifully (supple but not too limp), packs nicely on the reel, doesn’t dig into the spool under heavy tension, maintains its color well and ties suberb knots (direct and to leader material).  I have been using 50# Indicator for my hollow and soft body frog fishing, 65# green for punching heavy cover and medium sized swimbaits and 80# green for larger swimbaits and topwaters.

I use a blood knot to connect my fluorocarbon leaders when necessary and it is a bulletproof union.  I’m looking forward to using the 30# and 40# XP for my deeper smallmouth applications this Summer and Fall.

My schedule is extremely busy with work and family, so my fishing time is extremely valuable.  When I do get out on the water, I know my fishing line is the only piece of equipment between me and the bass of a lifetime.  I am confident that when that fish bites, TUF-LINE XP will put it in the boat.

Take care and hook ’em hard,


Posted by: Tag Watson
Location: Bellingham, WA