East Coast Blue Fin

Just thought that I would share some images with you of my recent trip fishing out of Plymouth, Massachusetts.  We fished the Stelwagan Bank and targeted Blue fin tuna aboard Black Rose Charters with Captain Rich Antonino.  We went 4 for 7 on tuna this trip and caught all of our fish vertical jigging.  There is no way to explain how hard the impact is of a 140 to 180 lbs Blue fin tuna when it hits a vertical jig with braided line.  These reels are in gear as we are jigging and is much different than fishing a live bait that has the reel in free spool.  It is one incredible feeling that sends shock waves through your entire body.  What was even more amazing is the tackle that we were using.  My fish was landed on the Cedros-10S lever drag reel.  This is a small reel normally used for 15-40 lbs tuna fishing out of California and is a high speed reel.  I had the reel spooled up with 50 pound TUF-LINE XP and released the fish in about 25 minutes.  Our largest fish that was estimated at 180-lbs was caught vertical jigging on a Salina-80 spinning reel and a 7’0” Cedros jigging rods.  After seeing the torture of this, I do not think I ever want to hook one of these giants on spinning tackle.  It works just fine, but is  a lot of work.  Our other fish were all in the 140 to 160 lbs range and were landed on the Cedros-15S lever drag reels and the Cedros jigging rods.

This fishery is absolutely incredible.  I have never seen such volume of tuna.  At certain points of our trip we have tuna between 100-200 lbs jumping 360 degrees around the boat.  We pretty much saw fish the entire day coming out of the water, which is frustrating and very exciting at the same time.  These guys have been getting Blue fin from June through November and there are giants mixed in.  You have no idea if you are going to hook a 150-lbs fish or a 500 plus pound fish.  I am definitely planning on heading back next season if any of you guys want to go.  We have a great product tester who really loves catching these giants on light tackle and jigs.

One of the most amazing things that I saw was on a fish that we lost.  We were throwing top water lures at the tuna when they were crashing the surface and one of our guys hooked a huge Blue fin about 25 feet off our transom.  The fish came clear out of the water.  This tuna was hooked on a Slugo and a Salina-80 spinning reel.  It was as if we hooked into a turbo charged Ferrari as it spooled us in 37 seconds and was captured on video.  Two of the guys saw the fish as it swam past the boat at full speed and said that it was well over 300-lbs.


John Bretza

Director of Product Development

Okuma Fishing Tackle, Tiburon Reels, Pakula Lures

  • Posted by: John Bretza
  • Location: California