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    Single Strand Titanium Casting Leaders with Stay-Lok™

    The Mustad Single Strand Titanium casting wire leaders are made for casting or trolling with natural or artificial bait for Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Wahoo, Northern Pike, Muskie, Barracuda or any other species with a mouth full of sharp teeth. This single strand wire will provide tooth proof, long lasting performance. Titanium leaders are kink free, softer and thinner than steel giving a more natural, less visible presentation without compromising the breaking strength. Fitted with premium quality, heavy-duty ball bearing swivel with welded rings to prevent line twisting and a Stay-Lock™ snap for a secure hold and easy change of bait. The small wire sleeves are protected with heat-shrinking tubing to ensure less weed buildup and foul when casting. Comes in 30lb/13,6kg or 50lb/22,6kg or 75lb/34kg breaking strength in 14”/35,5cm length.

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