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    Flash-N-Skin Sabiki Bait Rig

    Hand-tied with light-reflecting flashabou mirage tails, this 6-hook rig also includes genuine Japanese Hage-Aurora fish skin for natural, lifelike texture and action. Tied on ultra sharp, ultra strong, premium UltraPoint® hooks. Branch lines rigged with glow-in-the-dark beads for creating attraction. Suitable for casting and jigging applications. This quality rig is perfect when targeting Herring, Pilchard, Sardines and North Atlantic mackerel. Made with 30lb/13,6kg main line and 20lb/9kg branch line.

    • 4.3 UltraPoint® Technology
    • Opti-Angle Needle Point
    • 30lb/13,6kg main line
    • 20lb/9kg branch line
    • Nor-Tempered

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