Founded in 1938, Western Filament, Inc. set out to change the industry standards. After more than 75 years of continued perfection, we truly have become the leader in high performance premium braided fishing line. Pioneering the first ever UHMWPE braided fishing line, TUF-LINE (The Ultimate Fishing Line) continues to redefine perfection. Through years of experience and persistence, we continue to manufacture a variety of products that are sure to fill every need of our fellow anglers. Western Filament, Inc. has grown consistently along with its reputation of unwavering quality and is known as the industry leader in textile braiding.

TUF-LINE Technology:

So what makes TUF-LINE The Ultimate Fishing Line? Being avid anglers ourselves, throughout the decades we have continually tested and proven the superiority of our braid. Understanding the needs and wants of our customers, quality has always been and always will be our number one priority. There is nothing worse than losing the fish of a lifetime due to a breakage in your line which is why TUF-LINE is pound for pound 15 times stronger than steel. Our proprietary coating process has created the most “bullet-proof” line on the market. The coating process permeates into the fibers of the braid creating a stronger, more abrasion-resistant, long lasting superline. Through years of research and experience we have perfected our unparalleled coating process.

What makes Western Filament, Inc. different?

Western Filament, Inc. manufactures a large variety of products that are used in high-tech industries including medical, automotive, motor manufacturing, aerospace, military, and many other textile markets. TUF-LINE is the only fishing line company that has a QMS system registered and approved under ISO 9001 and AS 9100. Currently our products are on NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover, in Formula 1 race cars, on the airplanes you fly in, and are utilized throughout the entire American Armed Forces. This only scratches the surface of our product line. We can almost guarantee that in one manner or another, you have used and/or are currently using our products. TUF-LINE is built to the same rigorous quality standards demanded by all of our industrial customers.

Why choose TUF-LINE?


Made in America


We Pioneered UHMWPE braided fishing lines


We have been in business for over 75 Years


Our innovative proprietary coating process


We put products in Space!

If we can be trusted in space, transportation, by the military, and most likely already by yourself, then you can trust TUF-LINE on your fishing reels. So next time you go to spool up, keep in mind who you can really trust when a big bite is on the line…TUF-LINE.