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The Leader in High Performance Premium Braided Fishing Line

arrowsBraided Dacron Flyline Backing

Braided-Dacron product image Maintenance Free For The Life Of Your Fly Line

Western Filament is proud of our premium quality flyline backing. This small diameter, low stretch braided backing is waterproof and will not rot or mildew. Our flyline backing is available in 20 and 30 pound testTHE in white, chartreuse, and fluorescent orange.

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Product Details:

Available Colors:
Fluorescent Orange
Available Diameters:
Rated pound test Mono equivalent Actual Break strength Diameter in inches Diameter in mm
0 LB 0 LB 0 LBS 0.000 0.000
20 LB 17 LB 21 LBS 0.019 0.483
30 LB 25 LB 32 LBS 0.028 0.712